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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

How to choose the right foundation colour!

Choosing the right foundation colour is very important, especially if the foundation is very pricey you might consider taking your time in choosing the best shade.
-It is best to take a friend with you, that way you will have a second opinion which might come in handy.
-Swatch the foundations on your chin, not on your hand, because your face probabaly has a different shade.. ( unless you want to wear foundation on your arms.. :))
-Don't guide yourself with the numbers or description of the shades but with the swatches you've made. If you are number 2 let's say with L'oreal, it doesn't mean you'll be number 2 with Cove Girl or any other brand... 
-The lighting in the store might differ fom the light you are usually in. If you work in an office with neons, the foundation you tried in the store might look very wrong in a room with neon lighting and so on...

You get the general idea, you don't have to do all this stuff, but if you are going to spend a little fortune on high end make-up, you might wanna try it!

If you've bought a wrong shade:
- For example, you bought a foundation one shade darker. If you are willing to buy a foundation one shade lighter, you can mix them and always get the perfect shade! In the summer you can add a little more of the darker one and in the winter a little more of the lighter one!
-Foundations that are too light might make fab undereye concealer.
-You can try to use too dark foundations as liquid bronzer. It will give you the most natural colour ever!
- Or just give it to a friend or sell it online!


  1. I always end up getting the wrong shade of foundation. I use to swatch them on my hand, but now do it on my jawline, much better. I still use them up by mixing them as well to get the best shade. Great Post!

  2. Cool, choosing the right foundation is so important! These are brilliant tips, thank you :)

  3. yeah i think it does a great job covering up spots. You have to try it for yourself, maybe you will like it and find it very good :)

    Thank you for leaving your comment <3

    xoxo Christine

  4. great tips :D
    thank you for checking out my blog sweetie :) xx

  5. Great nuggets of beauty wisdom! I always end up buying shades a tad too lighter for me then I don't use it and put it to waste. Better to mix it with darker ones:-) thanks

  6. great tips, thank you for sharing! x

  7. great advice!! also thanks for checking out my blog :) x

  8. Hi Lia! Thanks for following :)
    Great tips on foundation!

  9. great tips, i always have problems trying to choose the right shade, thanks :) xxx