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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Evian thermal water spray!

   The Evian spray is actualy thermal water. Thermal water is so great and it has a billion uses!
1. The most common Evian setting one is a makeup setting spray. You spray it on your face after you've finished your makeup, or during the day to refreshen your face, and to moisturize and cool down you skin. (fab in the summer)!Plus it absorbs into your skin quickly enough.
2. You can use it to apply pigments. Just spray you brush, load it up with the pigment of your choise and apply it as usual. This way there will be no fallout, and the pigment will look much more brighter!
3. You know thoese annoying red dots you get after epilating? Just spray your skin imediately after your done and guess what? No more red spots, only smooth skin! It calms down your skin so well, I am toatally addicted to it!
   Here are my favourite tips! Other brands have different thermal waters to try out, but I know for sure the Evian one really works!


  1. I love this stuff! It's the best! You could use it it to tone your skin or spray a little in your hair if it's flat to give it more volume :)

  2. wow! I want to try some too~but where can I get it?

  3. Oh my gosh I've never even heard of it... I'm going to have to look this up!

  4. I am really tempted to try it out. Where can I purchase it?

  5. Pretty awesome if it really does get rid of red spots :)

  6. I know you can get it at a drugstore in the USA, In France it's like everywhere and really cheap 2 euros (that's where I got mine) and in Europe at Douglas, a kind of Sephora.

  7. Hi Lia,
    I agree with you. This is good.
    Btw, thank you very much.

  8. I love evian water , but it is sooo pricy!!! I mostly use it during summer!

  9. Love Evian! it's so refreshing, but also expensive..):

    If you're interested, I have an award waiting for you in my latest post(:

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~