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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Soooft Lips for a New Year's kiss....

Soft lips. Nearly no one has soft lips in the winter without a little bit of help from lipbalms or lip scrubs. Here are some of my favourites for the yummiest lips ever.
Note: Having moisturised lips automatically makes your lips bigger ( The same way around)
Lip scrubbing and moisturising:
There are thoese amazing Lush sugar lip scrubs that you can lick afte you use them, and loats of other ones you can buy. But is you are on a budget or you just don't want to spend the money here is what you can do:
1. Apply vaseline  and wait for about five minutes.
2.Take an old toothbrush ( never throw them away, you can also use them for highlits when you dye your hair) and "brush" your lips gently. all the dead skin will be removed.
3.Apply your favourite lipbalm and you are ready to go.

 My favourite lipbalms have to be the ones from the body shop. I don't have enough words to explain how super moisturising they are and they are not a bit sticky and they taste so good!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Deep condition hair with Olive Oil

Olive oil. All I can say about it is that it is a fabulous remedy for damaged hair and here are some quick and easy steps to getting shinier, smoother, non frizzy hair using olive oil.

First of all make sure you are not wearing your favourite blouse because olive oil can stain, and it is very hard if not impossible to remove. ( I know from personal experince :))
Pour a little bit on your palms an work through the ends of your hair, and apply it mainly in the pony tail area. Some people might say it is good for the scalp, but when I applyed it all over my scalp, because the formula is so greasy, even after shampooing my hair twice, it looked like I had the oliest hair ever the whole week!

Put your hair in a shower cap and wait how long you want to. 15 minutes would be ok, but you can leave it in overnight if really feel like your hair is very damaged. 

Wash your hair really well and make sure you don't have any olive oil left!

 I recommend this people with wild untamable hair, I just feel it would work beter for them, but I have fine, very straight hair and still love it! I should say the smell is quite strong and it smells like olives which is not the most pleasant smell, but it won't linger in your hair so it shouldn't be that much of a downside. I know olive oil can be used for everything, what do you like to use it for?

Sunday, 5 December 2010

My Christmas wishlist

Dear Santa,
I want so many things, and you don't have get everything, but you can try, right? :)

Maroccan oil. I heard it's really good, and my hair gets really frizzy and dull because of the weather. I mean Santa, you don't want me to have frizzy hair, everyone knows it ruins the Christmas atmosphere. ;)

Benfit Pudeflage. Santa, after being so exited on Christmas Eve and not being able to sleep, how do you think I will ever be able to make my udereye  concealer last all day on Christmas day?

The Lush Snow fairy shower Gel. I bought it last year and I really loved it, I want it again! Seriously Santa it is pink and it's in the Christmas limited collection.

Vera Wang Princess Perfume. I'll smell good, and I'll be your Snow Princess!

OPI You don't know Jaque. It's muddy, it's OPI, it's dark, it's perfect. You don't want me spending Christmas with last months colour on, do you?

Note: It's funny how I'm not actually going to get any of this stuff because for Christmas I'm getting a new phone, but anyway I did it for the fun of it. :) Tell me in the comments you Christmas wishlist and I tag you to do it if you want to. :)