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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Evian thermal water spray!

   The Evian spray is actualy thermal water. Thermal water is so great and it has a billion uses!
1. The most common Evian setting one is a makeup setting spray. You spray it on your face after you've finished your makeup, or during the day to refreshen your face, and to moisturize and cool down you skin. (fab in the summer)!Plus it absorbs into your skin quickly enough.
2. You can use it to apply pigments. Just spray you brush, load it up with the pigment of your choise and apply it as usual. This way there will be no fallout, and the pigment will look much more brighter!
3. You know thoese annoying red dots you get after epilating? Just spray your skin imediately after your done and guess what? No more red spots, only smooth skin! It calms down your skin so well, I am toatally addicted to it!
   Here are my favourite tips! Other brands have different thermal waters to try out, but I know for sure the Evian one really works!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Dry out nasty Pimples!

Who doesn't hate pimples? And sometimes you just can't resist the urge to pop 'em! Here are some quick tips on how to dry them out!

1. Toothpaste works very well in an emergency, 'it is probabaly the fastest and harshest way, I try to avoid it because it's really drying, but it will drain out the life out of you pimple very quickly! You might want to moisturize the area aftewards, because no one wants flaky skin!

2. Eye drops will really help reduce redness, they don't only work for making your eyes less red, they make you pimples less red as well!

3. Ice cubes before putting your make-up in the morning will reduce the size, making it way easier to cover up your unwanted friend. P.S. green concealers cancel out redness!

4.  benzoyl peroxide 5% . This is a trick I haven't tried, so I can't tell you exacly how it works, but my friend loves it so I'll trust her judgement.

5.  Anti-zits creams and solutions.  Clean and clear, garnier, nivea, every brand seams to have one! Just find the one that works best for you, try one from a pharmacy, or ask your dermatologist!

Remember, try not to pop them! I know it is so tempting, but you are actually not helping at all! Try to forget it is there, I have an ugly pimple on my nose and it seams to shout at everyone:
-Look at me! I bet you can't miss me!
Yeah, I hope I don't pop it by the end of the day!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Quick workout tip for toned biceps!

  I really like the way my body looks, and I can say I have a nicely toned body. One thing didn't really like was my weak arms, and I have realized this 2 months ago, me and some of my friends were messing around, arm wrestling and I had the weakest arms! I came home and thought about it, looked for some weights at a local store and found nothing. Mum just told me to use 2l bottles of water. I seriously thought she was kidding me! But it turns out they are really great, and cost nothing.  I take one in each arm, and lift them one at a time. The key to getting the best out of your workout is to do a full motion,  make sure you strech thoese muscles really good. I do this nearly every day and I can see a Major improvement. I can now beat 5 girls at arm wrestling ( which I know sounds really stupid and childish.. :)) and you can already see a little bump on my arms when I flex them. I can say I am really pround of my too little bottles, just because they seem to be the best amount of weight! What's your fave workout tip?

Monday, 8 November 2010

Long lasting curls with rollers!

 I love the beautiful waves/curls you get with rollers more than a curling iron. It is in fact my favourite way to get pretty voluminous hair and I dare say they look the most natural! The only problem is that they don't last long on my thin, way too straight hair! So to make them last longer you don't need any special hairspray or "miracle" product, you just need a little bit of patience.
-I begin by putting the rollers on my dry hair, play around with sizes depending on the look you want.
-I then wet my hair with the rollers on my head, I know it sounds so wierd but this is the key to the long lasting bit!
-It is best to let the hair naturally airdry, but you can also use a blowdryer. It depends on the time you have, but I prefer to let mine airdry to avoid damage from the heat.
- Take off the rollers and spray them with hairspray if you want to, play around with them and the fun part, decinding how you want your hair up, down, messy bun etc.
 P.S. You can try this with boiled hot rollers. They are a special cheaper kind which you boil. So you'll boil them, put the rollers on, wait for the rollers to cool down and after that wet and dry hair.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

New haircuts? Emma Watsons new hairstyle.

  Have you ever noticed how new haircuts always seem to make you more confident? Whenever I walk out of the hairdressers' I feel extremely happy. Two weeks ago I got home from school, took the scissors and cut my hair. Yes! I think I was mad maybe? I don't know but I awas sitting in geography thinking that I am constantly wearing my hair in a ponytail and how much it it annoys me so I thought I needed a change.
EMMA WATSON: Have you seen her new haircut? Do you like it? I love Emma as an actress, and Harry Potter is my favourite book ever, but in my opinion it was a little too much? Maybe a cute bob would have suited her better? What do you think? She is always so stylish... Do you think people will copy her?

Emma before                                                                                           Emma now

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

How to choose the right foundation colour!

Choosing the right foundation colour is very important, especially if the foundation is very pricey you might consider taking your time in choosing the best shade.
-It is best to take a friend with you, that way you will have a second opinion which might come in handy.
-Swatch the foundations on your chin, not on your hand, because your face probabaly has a different shade.. ( unless you want to wear foundation on your arms.. :))
-Don't guide yourself with the numbers or description of the shades but with the swatches you've made. If you are number 2 let's say with L'oreal, it doesn't mean you'll be number 2 with Cove Girl or any other brand... 
-The lighting in the store might differ fom the light you are usually in. If you work in an office with neons, the foundation you tried in the store might look very wrong in a room with neon lighting and so on...

You get the general idea, you don't have to do all this stuff, but if you are going to spend a little fortune on high end make-up, you might wanna try it!

If you've bought a wrong shade:
- For example, you bought a foundation one shade darker. If you are willing to buy a foundation one shade lighter, you can mix them and always get the perfect shade! In the summer you can add a little more of the darker one and in the winter a little more of the lighter one!
-Foundations that are too light might make fab undereye concealer.
-You can try to use too dark foundations as liquid bronzer. It will give you the most natural colour ever!
- Or just give it to a friend or sell it online!