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Monday, 8 November 2010

Long lasting curls with rollers!

 I love the beautiful waves/curls you get with rollers more than a curling iron. It is in fact my favourite way to get pretty voluminous hair and I dare say they look the most natural! The only problem is that they don't last long on my thin, way too straight hair! So to make them last longer you don't need any special hairspray or "miracle" product, you just need a little bit of patience.
-I begin by putting the rollers on my dry hair, play around with sizes depending on the look you want.
-I then wet my hair with the rollers on my head, I know it sounds so wierd but this is the key to the long lasting bit!
-It is best to let the hair naturally airdry, but you can also use a blowdryer. It depends on the time you have, but I prefer to let mine airdry to avoid damage from the heat.
- Take off the rollers and spray them with hairspray if you want to, play around with them and the fun part, decinding how you want your hair up, down, messy bun etc.
 P.S. You can try this with boiled hot rollers. They are a special cheaper kind which you boil. So you'll boil them, put the rollers on, wait for the rollers to cool down and after that wet and dry hair.


  1. Hi Lia! What a stylish blog you have! I like this post 'cause I'm not so able with rollers... I'd like to learn!! We call them "bigodini"!!!
    Hope you'll come and visit my italian blog!
    Love and thanks for your tips!

  2. Cool tip! This might sound like a silly question but how do you wet your hair with rollers in? Do you use a spray bottle? Thank you :)

  3. That's an interesting technique I'll have to try. My hair never holds a curl for very long either. Thanks!

  4. Great tip! My hair is really fine and is usually either greasy or frizzy so I find it difficult to get waves that last. I picked up some velcro curlers recently so I'm gonna give this a try :)

  5. Great tip. How long do the curls last if you do them this way?

  6. I supposse you can use a spary bottle if you want, I use the shower. :)

  7. Depending on your hairtype, I have thin, very straight hair, so they would last around 10 hours, but the curls will fall throughout the day.

  8. Wow! what a wonderful tip! I like to roll up my hair to make volume in my medium hair ((:
    I'm sure that I'll try your tip!! thanks;D

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  9. Thanks for following and the comment! I sure hope it will all heal up soon, the doctor told me he expected some pretty good results ^.^

    Interesting blog you have! I followed you back! :D

    I have natural curls, so I don't need hot or cold rollers to get waves ^.^ But I like how you talk about methods to get curly hair without having to use a curling iron, as I think they really damage your hair...

  10. I was recently convinced to use the cool shot function on my hairdryer on my curls to keep them in and it really works!!! My curls have never lasted so well.

  11. i have way too straight hair too so i'm always looking for ways to give it volume! The few times i've tried rollers i've always left them in over night and it just made it unbearable to fall asleep so i might give this a try next time :) x

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    love the blog.

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  13. I agree! I love the way roller curls look more than heat tool curls. Plus it's easier ion the hair damage lol :)
    Thanks for the tips!