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Sunday, 31 October 2010

October In's and Out's

October has been a wierd month. When I look back to it I see a 4 hour maths test, loads of quizes and leaves falling. Octomber is also the moth I began to write in my blog, so thank you for commenting and following my blog!
 Warm and cosy grey cardigans! I love staying inside on a rainy cold day, bundled up in my big cardigan (preferably a size up). I also love watching the people outside, thinking how lucky I am to feel nice and warm!


Rememeber me? by Sophie Kinsella! It is the coolest book ever, very girly, perfect to read on a lazy sunday night. It is lso very funny and extremly girly! If you like her books, you will surely love this one!



     Chi Shine Infusion! Although it is not the cheapest hair product, it makes your hair look nice and shiny! It doesn't weigh your hair down a bit, and your hair will look like the hair from magazines. Who doesn't want that?

 Dry cuticles! My cuticles are fine, but the ones from my thums always seem to exfoliate and get dry! I always forget to apply vaseline, cause my cuticles seem like such an unimportant detail, but it still bothers me!
Oily hair! I used to only wash my hair 2 times a week. Scince I have been litlle I have only washed my hair 2 times a week.  My scalp is usually very obidient and my hair would still look OK on day 4! But lately I have to wash my hair  3 times a week! To me it is horrible!
Snow that turns into rain. Snow is Ok, but here in Moscow we have it 5 months a year, and trust me, you will get sick of it ( especially if you lovely classmates love to wait for you after hours and throw you in snow). But rain snow to me is simply gloomy and it reminds me of the clod winter ahead!


  1. Ooo you should read Sophie Kinsella's new book Mini Shopaholic. If you're into the Shopaholic books... I havent read it yet but I am so looking forward to it.

  2. Yeah, I'll give it a try. I've read shopaholic and baby which was HIlarious! I also saw the film which was Ok.

  3. Oh, I hate dry cuticles too!!! I have to suffer from it too. I have used so many different products, but only few really work. If they are like the picture, Flexitol may be the best one. If they are not that dry, The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream or balm or Lush Lemony Flutter (this one has been out of stock until further notice everywhere). If you want to see my review on those, you can check it out here:
    Hope that helps!!

  4. aww what a cute post, i really like the grey sweater! in fact i want it :( keep up the amazing work <3


  5. i love reading sophie kinsella books!!!!! i have read all of them to the current one :)

    thanks for visiting and following my blog :) very much appreciated and i followed yours and there is so much for me to read