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Monday, 25 October 2010

Tips with Conditioner!

Are you using the most out of conditioner? Till a couple of weeks ago I took conditioner for granted, like something I must do every time I wash my hair, but I found out some new stuff.

   1. If you want to have softer hair, leave you conditioner on for longer! I was once reading in the bath and i got totally lost in the story. After about 15 minutes I remembered my conditioner. My hair was so much more softer, and full of shine! I now leave it on longer every time I wash my hair!
 2. After you put on conditioner, put you hair in a shower cap. That way it will work better because of the hot air in the cap, and no contact with the water.
 3. First, wash your hair, after that put on conditioner and a shower cap, and only after that do the other things one usually does in the bath. That way you will not get bored while you wait for the conditioner to work, and you also save some time!

 Try out this tips, and always use conditioner, it is the best way to healthier hair!                                                                                      

This Jhon Frieda conditioner is my fave!