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Thursday, 21 October 2010

How to survive BRACES.

How to survive Braces! Your smile is gorgeous with and without them, but here are some simple tips to feel more confident!
1. Make sure your theeth are always clean! Braces can give you bad breath because of food getting stuck beetween the archwire and the brackets, and you might not even realize it! And what would be the point of wearing braces if you teeth are full of caries?
2. You can toatally funk up your teeth with different coloured rubber bands, but try to avoid yellow because it will make you teeth look yellowish!
3.If you ever get teased about your braces, smile as wide and beautifully as you can, to show the person that  mean words don't affect you! From experience, they'll leave you alone!
4. You can kiss with braces! It is the same, and some boys even find it even more intriguing!
5. After you take them off, remember to wear your retainers,  trust me, it is crucial. If you don't, your teeth will move back to their original position!
I hope this helped you, and trust me, braces are good for you. I'm taking mine off next month, and I am so exited! It was all worth it, my teeth are so beautiful and straight now!


  1. i've had braces (with that horrible kind of cask that covers your head and makes you look like predator)

    i've been teased, they called me "iron mouth" . when the dentist finally removed the braces, i had such a beautiful smile and teeth that people couldn't hide their jealousy and the boys began to want to date me :)

    so girls, braces are great !!!! cause nothing is prettier than a big bright smile :)

  2. Oh thanks so much! I just got braces on a week or so ago and this is so helpful! They hurt quite abit at first 0_O but I cant wait to get them off so i can see my beautiful new smile!